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Specialist Equestrian Sands & Sub Bases

  • Graded Silica Sands

  • Pipe Beddings

  • Manege Stone

  • Limestone

  • Specialist Aggregates

Primary Aggregates for Drainage


The construction of a drainage layer is one of the most important steps when creating a manege, the wrong product will create instability and could cause safety issues for both horse and human.


Using a clean primary aggregate with angular edges will allow the stone to lock together creating a firm base with enough void space to allow drainage.


Recycled products such as  demo waste and crushed concrete have been used,  however they can often leach into the ground and, could well have potentially dangerous foreign objects such as glass and metal embedded in them.


At Redrox we commit to only providing local sourced Primary Aggregates so you have peace of mind in what is under a horses hooves.

Crushed Stone Installation

Pipe Bedding and Silica Sands

Redrox only supply Primary Pipe Bedding and Silica Sands to equestrian sites. We know from experience the issues that can arise with Recycled Aggregates, we offer only clean products so there is no fear of blockages or leeching.


We top our Maneges with only the finest Silica Sands from across the country providing a safe and aethetically pleasing finish on all our sites


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