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Me, Myself, and Aggregates

On Monday 4th April I joined Redrox Quarry Products LTD. Here is my insight into the industry.

The Terminology

It seemed that the odds of picking terminology up quickly were heavily stacked against me. Every phone call and email involved a painfully difficult language to understand...

’Type 1, MOT, DOT, 6G, 6F5, 6L, 6M, 6N, Fill Sand, ENA TS 97-1, Gabion, Pipe bedding, 20mm Down, Rail Ballast, 20mm Chippings, Rock Armour, Rip-Rap, Muck Away, Limestone, Basalt, Granite, Gritstone...' Let's just say it was somewhat overwhelming.

But did Moses just stare at the Red Sea wondering how to cross?

Did Channing Tatum let his doubters stop him from winning the hearts of the nation through elegant dance in ‘Step Up’?

The answer is No… So, I downloaded the Highway Works Specification and got reading.

Stone vs Bitcoin & NFT’s

I don’t understand how ‘rocks’ are so expensive. To then hear about the Red Diesel saga and significant cost increases across the industry, somebody is making a lot of money somewhere in the supply chain.

When we are constantly hearing about Bitcoin and NFT’s, why did we not invest into stone? If you had bought a stockpile of popular aggregates several years ago, you would now be retiring and sailing off into the sunset.

Like house prices, I would expect costs to keep increasing with demand outweighing supply, especially with extraction rates outweighing replenishment rates over the last decade.

Anyone selling a Type 1 NFT?

Type 1

The Boris Johnson of the aggregate world, everybody is talking about it.

Every single day since starting with Redrox has involved Type 1 and our customer base needing it. I need to grind this stuff down, make into a liquid, bottle it up, use it as aftershave. I would be more popular than a Friday morning bacon butty.

Type 1 is a crushed material, 0-40mm in size and generally used as a sub-base. Sounds easy right? Well then you have DOT, MOT CL803, Adoptable, Non-adoptable, followed by the necessary data sheets for grading, chemical analysis, etc.

Adam Wdowczyk - 11/5/22

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